Aceh Coffee

I was a person who tends to avoid consuming coffee in drinks because I had ulcer disease. Every time I take a drink of coffee, both boiled coffee or instant coffee, my stomach immediately sick and feeling like vomiting accompanied by an increase in gastric acid in my stomach, even I’ve eaten before.

All my perception of coffee finally changed completely since my coworkers introduced me to Aceh coffee, exactly Bireuen or Takengon Coffee. I can enjoy a coffee without having to worry that I will have a stomach ache. Even when I drink hot coffee without any breakfast, I can still enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, sip by sip.

My experience about coffee finally continued, when I visited Aceh two or three times because there is some task of the company where I work. In Aceh, I see people like to sit in the stalls that serve special coffee drinks. They enjoy a coffee while socializing with fellow residents of the village or community in the city. Almost all cities in Aceh, as Langsa, Bireuen, Takengon, Banda Aceh, Sigli, and other people like to enjoy coffee in groups. The most memorable experience in my mind is when my driver that already knows enough about Aceh led me to a coffee shop in a quite famous place in Banda Aceh, namely in the area of Ulee Kareeng. In this area, we can find many coffee shops and a variety of other menu offered. Once again, though I did not have breakfast that morning, but by noon when I drink coffee at lunch, Alhamdulillah my stomach remained friendly for my activities throughout the day.

With my experience, I finally decided to buy coffee bean that ready to boil in Bireuen City. I immediately bought 2 pounds of coffee for me personally and added another couple of pounds as orders from several people I work with. The price is quite reasonable, because one kilogram of coffee that is still in the form of bean but ready to stew can be obtained at price of Rp 50,000 only.

I also tell my experience of drinking coffee to my parents. My father who had experienced severe abdominal pain also consume the coffee that I bring as a gift when I visited him in my hometown. My father enjoyed and feel convenient, because it does not make any effect at all on his stomach, though he drank coffee without breakfast first.

Although my perception of coffee has changed, but I still have to be careful, because Allah SWT has created human beings as mid. By the destiny as mid creatures, then we can not position ourselves in an extreme case. For example, too much drink coffee :). Thus, I still can enjoy coffee, but by maintain the frequency strictly, so I can still enjoy coffee any longer, because of Allah SWT had instructed the human to maintain their health.



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